After so many years of programming and designing websites, I have acquired the maturity to get a project from just a conceptual idea to the completed end product. Experience is one of the most important values in order to be able to carry out a project successfully.

I consider myself a versatile profile with a good combination of technical skills and creativity. I bring expertise in HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and frameworks like Angular. With a solid grasp of CMS platforms like Drupal and WordPress, I excel in creating full responsive and performance web experiences at the client side.

As far as the quality of the code is concerned, I work with recognized plugins and tools that allow me to meet the web standards, browser compatibilities and ensure the security of what is delivered.
You can see some of the tools I use daily to verify and perform audits that analyze the most important aspects of a website (security, compatibility, performance, accessibility, etc...) in the Download page.

A powerful brand is more than a logo, and a website with a great UI is vital to achieve the best user experience.
I have being working for several international design agencies and studios as you can see in my portfolio page. In the most recent jobs I have been able to create and improve several design systems and implement them in no matter what framework, being confident that it works successfully on any platform and device.

Currently I work with opensource and proprietary license tools such as Figma, Invision, Penpot, Inkscape and most apps under Adobe Creative Cloud suite.

Check some of the web projects and online campaigns that I have published in my web portfolio to learn more.

Several countries in Europe are already regulating their laws to make an effort to bring accessibility to various public and private sector websites, as is the case in France with the French Disability Act (aka RGAA).
Other countries are based on the international standard known as WCAG, and although its implementation is not mandatory, it is always recommended to improve the user experience and make the web more inclusive and universal for all users.

Currently there are tools that allow to analyze and evaluate the level of accessibility of a website, but they only cover some of the most basic criteria, the rest must be tested manually.
After obtaining my certification in Access42, I have conducted web auditions in different sectors and I have been able to assist and train the teams involved (designers and developers) to successfully achieve the goals set in accessibility.

Sharing is caring, and thanks to the effort of a lot of developers around the world, we have a huge community exchanging and improving the work of others for free.

Perhaps that is sometimes difficult for some to understand because I have heard myself so many times that "If it is free, you are the product."
It's false! An open-source project has a goal, that you are not being used as a product, but you are being given the chance to get involved as part of the project.

Open-source website

This website uses a free template created and designed by myself, and published under opensource license at GitLab:
i.j website template

Feel free to download or fork it for your own purpose.
Any feedback is always welcome.

Open-source donations

Some of the projects that I already donated to keep improving their great work.