Enviro+ DIY air quality and weather station

Enviro+ DIY air quality and weather station

An affordable DIY alternative to environmental monitoring stations. Enviro+ with a Raspberry Pi Zero lets you measure air quality (PM1.0, PM2.5 and PM10), temperature, pressure, humidity, light and noise level.

To start with this project I followed this Pimoroni guide and improved it with some extra components to have a more reliable indoor/outdoor station.

For the case I used Blender to modify a model made by Barnestorm. Because the battery and charger need more room, I changed the proportions of the case. Here you can download the model to print:
enviro+ case for Raspberrypi Zero

Here you can find the source code for the web interface: EnviroPlusWeb. I forked a project host in github: EnviroPlusWeb and I adjust some code to allow me to quickly see my first readings on my phone and laptop.

To calibrate the sensor board, I used an Arduino with a DHT22 sensor to adjust the right values for temperature and humidity.