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Saturday 31 October 2020

Website development

Today everyone is aware of the importance of a website, developing custom websites that are scalable, adaptable, SEO optimized and mobile friendly. Redefine your brand in a global online market and get a new website design and development that meet your key business requirements.

·Over ten years of experience in web based services
·Proficient developers and creative designers freelance team
·Latest infrastructure and tools to support the development, testing and delivery process


Web design

Websites designed to be clean and uncluttered, finding content needs to be easy. A good design is a balance between beauty and usability, and that is the determining factor in how successful your website will be, delivering your messages or selling your service / product. If you need a lowcost budget, templates are another easy solution, choose a design for all our website or CMS and forgets the configuration and customization.
Designing attractive websites, faithful to the image you want to show on the net. An optimal distribution of the content, easy access to the pages, easy navigation and a friendly environment.

Layout and responsive

A good layout is a key point on usability, dynamism, good search engine rankings, accessibility, speed in loading the contents... Using the most recognized tools and CMS to do all this possible.
Browsing habits are changing, expecting your content to present itself gracefully on smartphones and tablets. Mobile users cannot be ignored, so now you need to be 'Responsively' with your online presence. That is why we always work with the international accessibility standards (W3C), and adapt all programmed websites to meet the different level requirements of the W3C.

Coding standards and CMS

Efficient and functional management tools to give you the control. Low development time, least maintenance cost and high reliability are the three basic advantages of Open-source CMS applications that we provide.
Whether it's front-end code or complex CMS web application, all is written in-house using OpenSource coding standards, with the perfect execution of the most used applications such as Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, and more...
For complete website development or a part of the site maintenance, such as, forum, blog, press release, RSS feeds, news, images or documents information and pricing management systems, we custom the programming and design to suit all your needs.

eCommerce platforms

All the e-commerce functionality you would ever need. Custom elements, if required can easily be built in and the stores can be easily integrated with Google Merchant, PayPal, Servired, and others shipping gateway integration and payment Gateway. Also seamlessly integrating with email marketing systems like MailChimp.
We also customize Magento, PrestaShop and others kinds of e-commerce software as your needs. Helps you to painlessly integrate electronic media into your marketing plans and initiatives. Whether you have an existing website or we develop one together, we’ll help you to make the most of your website.
Build up your website with any of our e-commerce CMS platform or start with a designed and customized e-commerce web template packages.

Content development

Timeliness and interest of the content of your website are essential to attract users and provide them your message. Developing the best contents, text and graphics, making your internet site attractive and effective.
In terms of web content, you can find a professional development of amazing artworks and photographs, videos, audio, icons, logos, banners, animations and other multimedia elements for your website.

Hosted and connected

The domain is your identity on the net. Identifies you to express what you want to offer, because your site is unique.
Our websites are hosted in the cloud, having the best high-performance servers with different configurations to meet any hosting need. Standard and customized hosting plans (under Linux platform), as always with the best service and the best market prices.

Visit and check all the websites and online projects at the portfolio area.


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