More than 10 years programming and designing websites, knowing how to get a project from just a conceptual idea to the completed end product.
The experience is one of the most important values in order to be able to carry out a project successfully.

As a front-end developer I work with Vue and Angular as favorites frameworks to start a web project. I also work with famous open-source CMS under php as Wordpress and Drupal, which have become quite common for me as part of my carrier working side by side with backend developers in several agencies and studios.

Some of the advantages working with these open-source frameworks and CMS are: easier to develop under the accessibiliy (WCAG and RGAA) standards, least maintenance cost and high reliability.
A custom development will be proposed to suit all your needs, from a complete website development or part of a project maintenance, including for example a forum, blog, landing page, newsletter, carousel or any other component that your project will need.

Moreover, if you need register a domain or need to manage your hosting resources with an optimum combination of performance (frontside) and reliability, do not hesitate to contact.

A powerful brand is more than a logo, and a website with a great UI is very important. When people see your identity it needs to create a positive reference and experience. Your brand is the sum of many parts, colour, image, style, interface, etc.

That's why user interface design and user experience design are inseparable.
I have being working for several international design agencies and growing with the new trends and topics in this field. Also I got the opportunity to see how the world-wide-web evolved from the beginning thanks of the improvement of the UI.

Multimedia elements have an enormous force of attraction thanks to the different devices and channels available. Now you can render a website in a vr headset, or just play an interactive webApp in your car, and that is just the beginning.

Prototyping platforms are less complex than before, for example hardware as Arduino or RaspberryPi combined with open-source software as Processing, MapMap or Blender will pave the way for many developers. The same happens with audio and video editing, where we have many more free resources that allow us to produce better content.

Experience and practice allow each one of us to achieve the goal of sharing and teaching. The different projects and cases I experienced in web development allowed me personally to share this knowledge, and that through different teams in order to be able to support and to show them the best practices available.

Taking advantage of the new remote tools, it is now possible to train and share the experience with anyone in any language, wherever and whenever in the world because the code is a universal language.

Sharing is caring, and thanks to the effort of a lot of developers around the world, we have a huge community exchanging and improving the work of others for free.

Perhaps that is sometimes difficult for some to understand because I have heard myself so many times that "If it is free, you are the product."
It's false! An open-source project has a goal, that you are not being used as a product, but you are being given the chance to get involved as part of the project.

Open-source website

This website template has the source code published at GitLab:
i.j website template

Feel free to download or fork it for your own purpose.
Any feedback is always welcome.

Open-source donations

Some of the projects that I already donated to keep improving their great work.