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Saturday 31 October 2020

Design and artwork

A brand identity, a good picture or photo is what people see and convinces to remember your work. This brings to keep in mind the impression material such as a brochure and stationary design right through to the cards, logo and sales presentation material. Here you can find development of corporate identities, forms of print design and also works of art made with different techniques.

See bellow a list of the projects I've worked on different areas: graphic design, layout, photo art, infography, advertising, 2d and 3d modeling, corporate identity and more.

Cosmopolis expo Gaudí

Design and layout of corporate identity for the exhibition at the city of Nantes (France) organized by the "Casal Català Nantes" in the cultural space Cosmopolis.

Read more: Cosmopolis expo Gaudí

Wood island

Original photo taken of a log of wood, burned and cracked. After the photo session, the idea of releasing it into the water to create a new island with its own ecosystem, direction to Asia.

Read more: Wood island

People around their face

Thirteen photographs that form the central circles, and after a photo shoot in downtown Barcelona during the afternoon to form the background of the latest circles of the collage.

Read more: People around their face

Naturally think

Connections between nature and humans. It is inevitable that we have patterns and forms of nature in our bodies.

Read more: Naturally think

Internet 3.0 article

Article written and published for Piedra de toque, a national spanish magazine with the lastest trends about architecture, design, technology and art.

Read more: Internet 3.0 article

Masnou cementiri

An expression of color for all that people who think and believe that they are dead, off and out of life.

Read more: Masnou cementiri

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