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Tuesday 21 January 2020

About me

Hello I'm i.j and this adventure started in the Faculty of Arts IAV, where I majored in audiovisual art, and in combination with a Master of Multimedia Languages in Barcelona. Years later, here I am, dedicating myself to what I like: programming, designing, working with layouts and web development... If anything has been made clear to me during my life, is that this world needs always to be connected, and love it. I am currently immersed in opensource platforms by HTML5, PHP, CSS3 and Javascript, as you can see in my portfolio.

"Tell me and i'll forget, Show me and i'll remember, Involve me and i'll understand." Chinese proverb

Also I usually work with companies and communication agencies to develop online campaigns or web support with indoor teams or external freelancers. In this case, I have a long history of collaboration with designers and developers at several studios in Barcelona, Madrid, Nantes and Dublin.

"Travelling is to birth and to death at every moment" Victor Hugo

One of my passions is to travel, meet and visit other countries, get in touch with other people, find different cultures, and share knowledge with the rest of the world.
In this map you can check the different destinations and trips i've made around, and don't forget to check my Travel Flickr gallery if you want to see more!

"Mirrors are used to see your face. Art, to see your soul." Bernard Shaw

Music, films, literature, are part of the art which are also my passion, although it is difficult to choose just one to describe each area, but these are the highlights:
A disc [Pink Floyd - Pulse] · A movie [Metropolis - Fritz Lang] · A book [Ubik - Philip K. Dick]

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